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updated: lima haribulan lapan dua ribu tiga

Hey, we were at it again and the day was Sunday, 3rd August 2003. They called it “Rentap Of The Year”. I prefer “Once A Year Chance To Improve Our Standing From Last Year”. For some it might be “Could We Win Back The Title We Lost Last Year?” or maybe “Are We Gonna Lose The Title This Year Or What?”. Never mind, all in good fun.

For the first time in a very long time, I woke up at 6.00 a.m. on a Sunday morning. Oops, let me rephrase that – I woke my wife up since she wanted (the key words are “she wanted”) to cook nasi lemak for breakfast. Is nasi lemak supposed to give you more energy? Anyway, I took a shower (with bowling on my mind), bought the papers (with bowling on my mind), sent the kids for their lessons (with bowling on my mind) and finally made a beeline for Sunway Megalanes at 11.30 a.m., yes, with bowling on my mind. Not a moment too soon, that place was packed tighter than a sardine can on a Saturday night!! You figure that out.

The first person I met was an edgy Rostam, waiting for yet-to-show-up Raof. Memories of Raof’s “I’m already here” but never showing up at IOI Mall’s bowling alley the previous Friday night still fresh in his mind. Oops, I let the cat out of the bag, we have been practicing!!! Of course we have been, that was the main reason I played badly recently. Usually, it is a lot worse, trust me. The alley was already full of familiar faces. Many many more are not and that makes it a lot more meaningful. Twenty-five teams (another 3 teams got caught in the traffic mess) showed up compared to 19 last year.

After the dusts have settled, we were 6th. Not bad, last year we were 6th too. No, we won’t go around shouting “We are No. 6!! We are No. 6!!” like those characters in the cartoon strip Peanuts but there’s room to improve, there certainly is. Next year, we will send 2 teams. Liwau, take note. Hey guys, we’ll keep the Cap Beruang name for next year too huh? I do declare that there is a nice roar to it, don’t you think so? Rostam and Yati spent a fortune last week buying bowling balls, shoes and bags. I managed to wring a promise from Sabri that he’d do the same in a week or two and if he does, I’ll de danged if Rusihan doesn’t follow suit. Rusihan, that is a strong hint. Roman Abramovich, eat your heart out, we got better players for a lot less money!! Don’t matter if I’m not talking about football here!!! Then we have Zamri and Razak. Hey, a year might just be enough to iron out those bugs in that throwing arm and not only the 5th spot but lo and behold, another four better spots might just be ours to pick and choose. Did you know that dreams were made on lesser prospects?
If for more than 2,000 years, the Jews could say “Next year in Jerusalem”, we could say “Next year at the Sunway Megalanes” See y’all again next year.


Abdul Halim Zainal Abidin '78


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