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The biggest show of the year for the Alumni is over! We can all take a rest now and heal our tired bodies and mind before continuing to soldier on for other good causes.

As the dinner advisor for this year, I would like to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to all that had made our event last night an outstanding one (only to be matched by the much-hyped AIM awards).
We are in a class of our own now when it comes to organizing events. From the initial feedback that I gather, we did a marvelous job.

There were many firsts for the Alumni that night:

  • It is the first time that we had so many people attending the dinner. Tickets sold were in excess of 630 but the number that turned up last night were about 560. We are still tallying up the numbers by batches and will give all of you an update later.
  • It was the first time that the Alumni dinner was held with a majority of the sponsorships and funding coming from Alumni members. Look at the souvenir program book and you will notice that almost all sponsorships came from the alumni.
  • It was also the first time that we had given away so many awards from the Alumni. Someone commented that we should re-name the event: THE SMSS ALUMNI DINNER & AWARDS NIGHT" similar along the lines of the AIM or Academy awards.
  • It was also the first time that the dinner has so many performers from the Alumni. Something I think should continue as it really saved us a lot of money from paying professional artistes or musicians and it was also more enjoyable as we can all relate to the performers. Jay Jay - I think we are about to serve you notice!

We did not have any Datuks or ministerial VIPs, nevertheless, we had good coverage from the papers and from NTV 7. Thank you, Che' Na and Azura. And check out the papers in the nest few days to see the coverage of our dinner.
In future, we may just make do with our own VIPs from the Alumni. Mind you, our Alumni consist of some very important & famous people too. En Johari Dasri, too bad you cannot make it, but there is always next year.

To all the award winners- you deserve it! We recognize your effort and contribution to the alumni and to the dinner.

For the committee - thank you for the outstanding effort.

1. Hudal - dinner director. Your sleepless nights are over!

2. The Dinner Angels - the three of you are just outstanding role models of what friendship is all about.

3. Chot & Molor - AV equipment was superbly coordinated

4. Liwau - excellent job pacifying those outside the hall. Sorry the bouncers deserted you

5. Rostam - thank you for coordinating the participants

6. Tengku Rostam - good job of manning the registration table while we are all enjoying ourselves inside the hall

7. Majdi - for all the wonderful pictures and for the countless trips with the dinner committee recording our every move and effort for the last 2 months. Also for the bulletin.

8. Suzi - thank you for helping out in the the prizes & tables

9. Laili - thank you for coordinating the usherers

10. Yusfi - outstanding resident MC

11. Alias - thank you for coordinating the batch performances

12. Rozie - thank you for the wonderful panca sitara performance and for being MC

13. Jamal 93 - thank you for coordinating the boys and the Street Soccer prizes.

14. Azizah - thank you for helping us out in and for being MC

15. Badrul 89 - you are a model batch rep. You deserve the award

16. Raja Idris - thank you for being our contact in school and arranging for the BUDI students

17. BUDI students - thank you for helping the Alumni. One day you will be in the Alumni too.

18. Amir Hisham - thank you for leading us to the sponsors. Next time if someone can underwrite the event we will try to organise it at a bigger venue.

19. Azura - thank you for partnering me in the MC and for the NTV 7 coverage.

20. Ahmaad Bahrin - the closed circuit video was crucial to the success of our event. Thank you for setting this up. Batches 77 following the event on the big screen outside were cheering the singers which were on stage inside.

21. And last but not least, to all batch reps that had cooperated with us in tickets sales, collection and communication. Thank you. You are our links to all the Alumni.

Rusihan Anwar Zaihan, Alumni Dinner Advisor 2002

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