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updated: empat belas julai dua ribu dua
Master Yoda?!

Dear all SMSS Alumni…
Remember when we were in SMSS.. This is the day everyone is waiting for… The OPEN DAY!!!
Still remember the carnival?? All the "Gerai"?? The music?? The happy moments??
The Roses request?? (sounds interesting...)
Still remember visiting the opposite gender's dorm, which supposed to be "No trespassing" zone except on that day?? So, wait no more… the day has come… (click on the picture to see more...)

disclaimer: the above was a promo/flyer for the school OPEN thinks most of us that were not "around" are really curious as to what the events were really about. will someone in the know care to clarify/enlighten the "seniors"...sounds like FUN!!



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Dudae Simboyo
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What's in a name?

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