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updated: dua haribulan januari dua ribu tiga

On Sunday, 29 December 2002 some of us had a lunch appointment with a celebrity, our very own Dr. Kamil Mohd. Kassim. Kamil a celebrity? And why is that? Well, he was in the papers, for all the world to see, hobnobbing with Datuk Shahrizat Abdul Jalil, the Minister of Women and Family Development and later he was on TV, hobnobbing, again, for all the world to see, again, with Datuk Dr. Siti Zaharah Sulaiman, the Minister of National Unity and Community Development. In our books, he is a genuine 24-carat
celebrity, eh guys?

Anyway, our friend Dr. Kamil here, you don't want to see him professionally, okay? And why not, you might ask? Well, he is a
microsurgeon, specialising in the human hand and the only reason you'd want to see him professionally is if something is seriously wrong with either of your hands, God forbid.

Well, the seven of us (Rostam, Rusihan, Harris, Majdi, Sabri, Robin {of 5E3 or is it 5M3?} and myself) found ourselves holding a very fruitful pow wow session with Dr. Kamil. At the end of our lunch date, we reached the conclusion that he needs convincing in getting a mobile phone and and email address so that we could get in touch with him. Yes, telling Majdi things who in turn will tell him is not such a bad idea but a hand phone would certainly be better. on the picture...for more pictures!



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