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I was lazing around my beautiful garden, my own version of paradise at home, complete with the flora and fauna, the koi and the tortoise when the call came through. Sure enough, it was Bosley, my boss. "Yes boss, what can I do for you?" "An assignment? A Mission Possible?" "Anything, Boss", I lied. Ouch, there goes my quality time with my favorite person, in case you don't know that, that's me!

I knew the order came from Charlie. But where the heck is Charlie? Is he in the Middle East, with that belly dancer or is he in Shanghai, with that Oriental girl? Or maybe he is crawling through the 'Cu Chi' tunnel in Vietnam. Hmm..Never mind. At least I have the other 2 Angels to help me with this mission.

I was given the toughest assignment of all find the capital M. Money! As in lots of it. Without any special weapon or bulletproof vest, just my bare hands and well, brains. That's a start. We had no option but to bulldoze our way through the sea of undesirables, battle through all obstacles and tackle the uncertainties in order to accomplish this critical mission.

There were at many point of time that I feel like giving up until Charlie came along and saved us. He was there all the time and at the right time. He was there to give us support, strength and build-up our confidence to accomplish the most critical mission. And the best of all we can say it together "We did it! Mission accomplish"

Actually I had a very vague memory of Charlie during our growing up together, as far as I can remember we hardly talk to each other, but now knowing him in person I know he is the person who cannot stop talking! But he has a kind heart though, he allowed me to look after his residence while he was away vacationing with his family and left me with no food in the refrigerator. Whatever it is, he is definitely a fun person who enjoys doing his number with the Dangdut beat of "Robek Hatiku". Oh yeah! He is one in a million.

Thank you Rusihan "Charlie" Anwar, for your advice, support, for being the tireless person, always full of energy, perseverance and enthusiasm. You have made many significant contributions to the development of SMSS alumni, yesterday, today and tomorrow. Errrr… forever perhaps!

There are not enough words to thank you so much so that I have to say it in over 400 languages...Misaotra indrindra, Grazzi hafna, Gura mie mooar ayd, Meitaki ma'ata, Laengz zingh camv, Tand ikh bayarlalaa, Barka wusgo, Tlazohcamati huel miac, Baie dankie. The list goes on and on.... Thank you very much Rusihan Anwar!

June... à "Thank you" in over 465 languages.

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