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Hudal - I've known you for almost 25 years - that's as long as living next door to Alice…! (sorry Halim, borrow your lines 'ere!!). Anyway, it was the last few years that I really get to know you very well thru the works we did for the Alumni and the many occasions when batch '81 got together for pot-luck, 'Guru Sandaran Trip to Modestos' etc... etc…

I agree 100% with my 2 other partners in sharing our gratitude for your tireless effort & support heading the Dinner 2002 Committee. I especially want to 'Thank You' for putting up with our moods & tantrums ….hey, we are women and we have excuses for being moody…!! Few cases of 'merajok' & 'masam muka' were delicately resolved with your Mr Nice Guy 's touch & approach! Friendships could easily get strained & ruined because of the immense stress & pressure we were facing, but that 25 year old friendship too, that pulled us thru all difficulties to give the best event of all & the praises we received made it worthwhile.

Rusihan…my Main Man…! Actually, I couldn't recall you much from the ol' days except for the PBSM uniform, Brass Band uniform and ....ahh…yes… the cross-country champion!! But since my involvement in Project BUDI, I felt like I've known you all my life! You are a cool dude… thank you for keeping your cool & made us focused on our duties although many times we had the habit of diverting from one topic to another so fast that you won't be able to say JaNaJun in one breath!! And then of course, you'd stomp your fist on the table to bring things back to order but by then we'd covered topics from belly-dance to ice-creams to fruits to God-knows-what…!! (yak..yak yak..giggle...giggle... that's what we angels do best…'s kinda make the conversation more interesting what…!)

Majdi - You didn't expect this, did ya? I know you are the moderator, so don't try to edit this to your advantage!!
Hey… you are an OK guy….! I've only got to know you these last couple of months and we got along just fine. And for someone who always sneak around with his digital camera armed in one hand and a mischievous grin like he's up to something not-good… we kinda like your company!! Glad that you came on board w/ the rest of the dinner troupe. And for the rest of the gang (you know who you are), I'm honored to have had the chance to work together and establish new friendships and hope that we will continue this tradition for a long, long time.


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